Total Health Rehabilitation

Here at Lake District Family Dentistry, Drs. Carlton, Richter and Mangum treat patients using a Physiologic approach to dentistry.  We care about our patients’ overall health… not just their teeth!  Our dentists are comprehensive in reviewing medical conditions, airways and listening to our patients when they communicate so that all of their complaints are addressed.  Our patient care is completely encompassing of ideal function and esthetics in an optimal relationship.  If patients are suffering from TMJ pain, headaches, neck pain, postural issues, or showing signs of clenching or grinding away their natural tooth structure, we can help.  We have specialized training in Physiology and Neuromuscular Dentistry and Orthodontics to help patients to be rehabilitated into their relaxed, true physiological position where the jaw, facial muscles, postural muscles, joints and teeth are in their healthiest position while restoring their teeth and bite (occlusion).  We use the most advanced technology for 3-dimensional cranial and neck imaging and Temporomandibular joint analysis, EMG muscle testing for facial and masticatory muscles, Red-light laser therapy, TENS units and decompression techniques for proper diagnoses and rehabilitation for long term success and health.