Fine lines and wrinkles can be caused by constant movement of facial muscles or may be caused by loss of underlying facial fat over time. To maintain a natural look, Dr. Richter will assess each patient’s individual needs to decide the best option to help relax dynamic wrinkles and refill creases. Dr. Richter may use Botox and/or Juvederm XC products to achieve the ideal results desired. Botox temporarily blocks nerve impulses in the muscles. This relaxes the facial muscles and lessens their ability to contract and pull the skin into wrinkles. The Botox treatment typically takes about 15 minutes and lasts about 3- 6months on average. Juvederm XC is a specialized hyaluronic acid dermal filler used to fill creased lines, replace lost fat, or plump lips. The filler treatment usually takes about 15-30 minutes and usually lasts about 9 months – 1 year. Dr. Richter would love to consult patients about their areas of concern to discuss the best treatment.