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Welcome to Lake District Family Dentistry, conveniently located in Alexandria, the heart of Louisiana! Our family dental practice treats patients of all ages from all over the Central Louisiana area, including Pineville. We have an amazing team of three doctors, four hygienists, qualified dental assistants, as well as patient care and lab coordinators who are professional and friendly. Drs. Carlton, Richter and Mangum offer all types of General Dentistry services and care about their patients like family!

Cosmetic Dentistry

We help patients have beautiful smiles. Each of our dentists are highly qualified in helping to give patients the smiles they want and deserve with one of our cosmetic dental services like porcelain veneers, crowns or clear aligners. We help create smiles that are perhaps whiter, brighter, or even straighter, all while keeping them natural in appearance! Some patients seek full mouth rehabilitation with a cosmetic result while others can achieve a beautiful smile with a subtle and conservative approach. From Botox and dermal fillers to dental veneers and restorations, we have procedures that will improve your smile and your dental health!

Sleep Apnea

If you are suffering from disrupted sleep patterns, our team may be able to help! Difficulty sleeping could be a sign of a more serious problem. Our team is educated about the importance of the connection between poor sleep and overall health. Dr. Carlton has advanced training to care for patients with sleep breathing disorders. He offers alternative treatment to CPAPs for patients who are candidates. Our dentists may recommend a take-home sleep study to gather individual sleep data and work closely with local sleep specialists to determine the best treatment to manage the life threatening disease— or just manage poor sleep patterns and snoring. A healthy patient is our priority.

Dental Implants

Missing teeth are more than a cosmetic inconvenience. They can present an oral health challenge for some patients. Proper digestion requires proper chewing of the food, which is not an easy task with the absence of teeth. We can provide dental implants for a single missing tooth as well as to help anchor dentures into place for retention. Dr. Mangum uses excellent technique and skill to place dental implants in the office! Any of the three dentists at Lake District Family Dentistry can restore implants with beautiful and natural results.

Total Health Rehabilitation

Here at Lake District Family Dentistry, Drs. Carlton, Richter and Mangum treat patients using a Physiologic approach to dentistry. We care about our patients’ overall health… not just their teeth! Our dentists are comprehensive in reviewing medical conditions, airways and listening to our patients when they communicate so that all of their complaints are addressed.

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We also treat pediatric, adolescent, and adult patients for general dental procedures, oral surgery, periodontal therapy, simple root canal procedures, and more! If you suffer from decay, dental anxiety, sleep apnea, TMJ pain or missing teeth, the team at Lake District Family Dentistry can help! Call one of our friendly Patient Care Coordinators today. New patients are always welcome!

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