Extraction, or removal of a tooth, may be recommended to a patient by one of our doctors if saving the tooth is no longer an option. Our dentists explore all options to repair any severely decayed, chipped, broken, or infected teeth, but sometimes removing the tooth is the only or best option. Our dentists may also recommend that a tooth is extracted because the foundation of bone around the tooth is diseased. In that case, the tooth has little or no chance of success if not removed.

The dentists will discuss the patient’s medical history before the extraction appointment. On the day of the extraction, patients will be given written and verbal instructions about post-operative care for the extraction site, and the dentists will answer any other questions that patients may have.

If our dentists recommend that a tooth is eliminated, they will offer the patient several options to replace the missing tooth. Some possible options for tooth replacement may include: dental implants, dental bridges, partial dentures, or full dentures. Once our patients are educated about their options, they can discuss these choices with the dentists to decide together on the ideal plan for tooth replacement.