Dental Implants

Dental implants are one of the best options to replace a missing tooth or teeth. An Implant can be placed in the area where a natural tooth used to exist. After implants are placed, time is allowed for the bone to heal. Once healing is complete, the dental implant is strong enough to support a patient’s natural chewing forces, and our dentists will restore the implant with a crown or can attach a denture to implants for retention.

Our dentists will work with an oral surgeon to decide if a patient is a good candidate to have implants placed, based upon the patient’s medical history, oral hygiene, and availability of adequate bone. Patients who have implants are given specific instructions for care and can expect great long term success if maintained properly.

Hopeless tooth needs extraction!

2 years after extraction, patient decides he wants tooth replaced with a dental implant.

Bone graft and dental implant placed and allowed to heal for 6 months.

Crown is attached and seated on to dental implant.

Implant Crown in place.

Implant crown blends in seamlessly with natural teeth!