Sleep Apnea / Snoring

The dentists at Lake District Family Dental approach patients who have a history of snoring or sleep apnea episodes with serious concern. They evaluate the patients thoroughly and speak to the patients about the factors that contribute to the disorder such as age, obesity, alcohol consumption, or sedative medication use. Our team is also well versed on the connection between sleep breathing disorders and overall health. Patients who are suspected to have possible sleep breathing disorders are typically referred to a sleep center for a medical diagnosis; our dentists will then consult with the medical professionals about the proper treatment for each patient.

Dr. Carlton has had advanced training in Sleep Breathing Disorders. He reviews all data gathered and will consult with the sleep specialist about the proper treatment for each patient.

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Oral Sleep Appliances

Oral appliances are the most commonly accepted method for treating sleep apnea and are a great alternative to continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) or surgical treatment. Dr. Carlton can treat most patients that are diagnosed with mild to moderate sleep apnea with oral appliances as well as those patients who have attempted CPAP and were unsuccessful. These custom-made, FDA-approved appliances fit like a mouth guard or orthodontic retainer and work to advance the lower jaw and tongue— creating an airway free of obstruction.

Please feel free to contact to our dental office if you or a loved one may be suffering from a sleep breathing disorder. Our team would love to help you experience a snore-free, quality night’s sleep.