Pediatric Dental Care

Our team of dentists, as well as the American Dental Association, recommend that children have their first dental visit by their first birthday. Our goal at this appointment is to talk to the parent(s) about the child’s diet, habits, and any medical history that would contribute to an increased risk of cavities. Our dentists will assess the child’s risk of cavities, educate parents about the importance of good oral health for their child, and provide parents with oral hygiene and fluoride instruction!

Parents should clean the child’s teeth from the moment they erupt. A small, soft toothbrush is recommended as is the appropriate amount and type of toothpaste for the child (based upon age).

All 20 of baby teeth typically erupt by age 3, and permanent teeth usually begin to erupt around age 6.

Keeping baby teeth healthy is important for a child’s permanent teeth because severely decayed or infected baby teeth can cause problems such as deformed, crowded or impacted permanent teeth.

Drs. Carlton, Richter and Mangum treat young children as well as adolescents and adults. Many pediatric patients are easily cared for and have great experiences. Parents are invited to join their children in treatment areas for dental visits. They are more than welcome to sit in the guest seat provided and watch our team care for their children. For safety reasons, we ask that parents allow our team and dentists to give any and all instruction to the children without interference as children can easily get overwhelmed.

In some cases, our dentists may opt to refer a child to a pediatric specialist for dental care. The health and safety of our pediatric patients is our priority!