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Our Team

Our Team

The Team of Lake District Family Dentistry is consistently described by patients as¬†“caring, knowledgeable, and professional”. The hygienists, hygiene coordinators, dental assistants, laboratory coordinator, scheduling coordinators and office manager strive to work with our patients and help them to understand their options, recommended treatment plans, and fees. Our dental team is always available to assist our patients in making their dental visits the best experience possible.
Drs. Guillory, Carlton, Richter & Mangum

Drs. Guillory, Carlton, Richter & Mangum



Peggy Godley

Office Manager

Tracey Boniol

Scheduling Coordinator

Dentist in Alexandria

Courtney Squyres

Scheduling Coordinator

Kristin Nicholson


Dentist Office

Kaci Ayers

Laboratory Coordinator

Carrie Young

Patient Care Coordinator

General Dentist

Keonda Woods

Dental Assistant

Allison Bennett

Dental Assistant

Macy Matte

Dental Assistant

Dental Office

Gara Byrd

Dental Assistant

Lindsey Guillory

Dental Assistant

Danielle Deshotel

Dental Assistant

Dental Hygeine

Danielle Worley

Dental Hygienist

Alexandria, LA Dentist

Christy Cox

Dental Hygienist

Barbara Lyles

Dental Hygienist

Emily Horne

Dental Hygienist

Kristi Bond

Hygiene Scheduling Coordinator

Ashley Perkins

Hygiene Coordinator